In development

The development of the next big Cactus Cowboy title has begun! It is going to be a very large project that won’t release anytime soon. Estimated release is Q2-Q4 2023. Cactus Cowboy – Desert Warfare will run on the same engine as Plants At War but with many technical improvements such as:

Better Recoil System
Better graphics such as baked and realtime shaddows
Gun attachments
Gun skins
Better lefthand support
More immersive story telling
New and old friends and foes
Better special effects

More enemies at the same time
Ingame shop system (No pay2win, real money!)
New gameplay mechanics

Cactus Cowboy – Desert Warfare is coming to mobile VR, Playstation VR2 as well as PCVR.

You can find more infos and development videos on my Youtube channel as below: