Do you have any Twitter, Youtube or Discord?
I do not have a Discord but you can find me on various VR Discords such as SideQuest, Pavlov. I do have a Twitter and there is my Youtube Channel you can follow. There is also my Email: info@cactusvrstudios.com

Why are your games freeware or very cheap? Some of them are actually good.
Well, while I do believe in free software, I also try not to live of these games (yet). It’s a sheer hobby that just recently turned into a small business. However, if you really want to support my games, write a review or tell others about them.
My plan for the future though, is to make a living of AR/VR games and publish higher quality games. If you want to support me financially on this journey, you can buy the Supporters DLC for Plants At War or the AR minigame.

Why a cactus?
I like Cacti! Deal with it.

I don’t have a Quest, do I need to know the first 2 Cactus Cowboy games to understand the story?
No! I specifically designed the games in a way that the story is always replaceable. My role model here was Mario/Sonic where it really won’t matter if you missed a couple of games. I think for a tiny VR game series this is a good approach.