Cactus Cowboy Land

You’re the Cactus Cowboy trying to free the kidnapped cacti princess out of the hands of the evil Horst Weizenecker and his Robot Army. Loaded with your Revolver and a solid stomach to combat the motion sickness, you are off to a great adventure.

6DoF Jump’n’Run / FPS Adventure containing:

  • 3 different Worlds
  • 9 Levels with increasing difficulty
  • 3 Boss fights
  • 2 Easteregg level
  • Insane difficult level design to scare off greenhorns
  • Death counter to depress encourage you to play better
  • Guns, Dynamite and record players
  • Gunslinger Mode to make it even harder
  • Left hand mode

Playtime: About 1-2h depending on your skill

Warning: No comfort options and I’m certainly not going to make one. I can’t really judge how hard this is on your stomach. Rule of thumb: If you can handle Boneworks you can handle this.

Download: SideQuest

Cactus Cowboy is Freeware! You should never pay for this!