Cactus Cowboy Games

I’m a solo dev with a passion for VR Games and cacti. What ever brought you here, I hope you leave with a at somewhat good impression.

The first Cactus Cowboy game was developed in 2019/2020 as a “learning by doing” project and was never intended to be a full sized game. I was surprised by the outcome and started a series. Originally, Cactus Cowboy Land was supposed to be called VRFPS. In fact, the project folder is still named “VRFPS”. As time flew by, my games got better, longer and more sophisticated. You’ll see, one day Cactus Cowboy will become an animated Netflix series too. (as if)

In the menu above you can find the direct download links to my games such as Cactus Cowboy 3 – Fully Loaded, Cactus Cowboy Portal, Cactus Cowboy La



If you have an inquiry or specific question, shoot me an Email: