Cactus Cowboy Portal

Cactus Cowboy is back in Cactus Cowboy Portal VR!

First and foremost, yes, it’s a Portal game but is this is Portal game you have been waiting for? Probably not, but I tried my very best to get close to it! You’re the Cactus Cowboy trying to escape out of the cacti labs with your portal revolvers while being tortured by something evil.

6DoF Jump’n’Run / FPS Adventure containing:

  • Full Locomotion and nothing else
  • Dual wielding Portalrevolvers
  • Cacticubes
  • Bombs
  • Bossfights
  • Deep falls and long jumps
  • Portal based riddles
  • 17 Labchambers
  • GLADOS voice by
  • Chiptune Soundtrack made by Trackerbernd
  • Hidden eastereggs
  • A blast from the past with Commodore Computers and Cracktros

A content of questionable quality production by me presents you what no one seems to make. Portals, full locomotion and jumping. This is not for greenhorns!

Playtime: About 1-3h depending on your skill

Warning: No comfort options and I’m certainly not going to make some. I can’t really judge how hard this is on your stomach. Rule of thumb: If you can handle Boneworks you can handle this.

The guys at UploadVR wrote a review about this game:

Download: Oculus AppLab

Cactus Cowboy is Freeware! You should never pay for this!